Methods for Genital Wart Treatment

Posted by Jenny on March 29, 2011 under Genital Warts | Comments are off for this article

There are varieties of methods that people have used throughout the years to treat genital warts. These can range from dangerous and expensive surgical procedures to natural home cures that you can use in privacy and confidence. Before we discuss how to treat them, let’s first understand what they are.

Genital warts have a variety of different names and variations. They can be called Condylomata acuminata, anal warts, venereal warts, or even anogenital warts. They are contracted by having sexual contact with genital that are unprotected.

This means that the skin of the genitals is in contact with an affected area that carries the HPV virus that will produce genital warts. Safe sex can help to reduce the issue but contact can still be made around the affected region to spread the virus even if precautions have been taken.

Treating genital warts can be difficult but here are a few techniques that will help:

  • Pharmaceutical medication – a common doctors recommendation that rarely eliminates 100% of the virus
  • Liquid nitrogen cryosurgery – a recommended method to use during pregnancy. Kills warts up to 80% of the time but they commonly will create a re-occurrence.
  • Laser ablation – similar to other surgical practices however can be a last resort for some. Another major downfall is that it can be very costly to have done.
  • Wartrol – a natural remedy that provides genital wart relief and can be applied from the comfort of your own home. It has had a large amount of positive feedback but it’s important that just because it works for others does not mean it will for sure work for you 100% of the time.

If you ware going about a method to eliminate your genital wart problem it is important to remember that warts can be a difficult issue to treat. Whatever method you decide on may not work for every body the exact same way.

So if you were to choose a solution that your friend or neighbor has recommended you should keep in mind that it may have a different effect on your body since everyone’s biology is completely unique.